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Only the best, We never settle for less. On the next pages we include the biographies of some of the major luthiers. All of them deserve a special place for any of these reasons: professional experience, work quality, beautiful designs, building innovations or instrument power and sound. Some of them could seem to be less famous to the amateur or student; and, in fact, they could be, as there are masters who have a very limited artisan production, which is mostly reserved -even years in advance-  for musicians and specialized stores worldwide. Others deserve to be mentioned because they have found a perfect formula: exceptional quality for a very affordable price. Young guitar makers also have their own place. Thanks to their good work, they are growing professionally, earning their own space within this difficult art of the artisan guitar. What they all have in common is the great quality of their instruments, which have earned them remarkable fame both on a national and international level. There are some more, but those included here are among the very best.
Alhambra Amalio Burguet Ana Espinosa Andrés D. Marvi Bernabe Camps brothers Casimiro Lozano Eduardo Durán Ferrer Felipe Conde Hanika Jesús Bellido John Ray Jose Luis Vigil Juan Alvarez Juan Miguel Carmona Juan Miguel González Manuel Contreras II Otto Vowinkel Paco Santiago Marín Prudencio Sáez Raimundo Rene Baarslag Sanchis López Teodoro Pérez Thomas Holt Vicente Carrillo
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