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Vicente Carrillo Coming from a family of broadly experienced guitar makers - such experience dates back to 1755 - Vicente  Carrillo has managed to skilfully combine historical heritage with progress, also incorporating ideas and advice  from renowned luthiers and internationally famous guitarists.  Born and raised among guitars, he learned the trade naturally, yet he was always open to new contributions that  would allow him to continue improving his work.  In 2010, the Castillian-Manchegan luthier Vicente Carrillo won the National Crafts Award, a prize that recognizes  the quality of consolidated works. Such recognition was awarded to him due to his broad and consistent  trajectory, and to the great prestige he enjoys among the string instruments' professionals.  His guitars are owned by some of the best guitarists of the national and international scene, among whom stand  out Paco de Lucía and Tomatito. His New Generation of New Concept guitars, built with a ground-breaking internal system, are simply out of this  world: power, clearness, timbre and balance like we have never seen before. Tradition and innovation come together to create a simply unique  instrument. Congratulations, "Maestro"!. 
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India primera
Chanca Blanca
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Flamenco Concert
Studio, classical and flamenco
Alegrías Blanca
Alegrías Negra
Plectrum Instrument
Gabriela II 
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New Concept
Pasión Flamenco
C/ Doctor Mata,1; 28012 Madrid, SPAIN