Christmas Carols for Guitar

News published on 13/11/2023

Popular Carols for Guitar

Justo Maroto


Christmas comes and with it sweet memories of our childhood, our dear friends and family, our old home and carols with the smell of sweets and marzipan.


And we feel the desire to relive with our guitar those moments full of nostalgia and hapiness.


Our friend Justo Maroto, has made it easy for us, has collected a selection of our most popular carols and transcribed them for classical guitar. But it has not only been limited to its transcription, he has been able to provide them with personality and class, and now they sound revitalized with more charm and flavor than ever.


Justo Maroto also had the detail of writing them in standard notation and tablature, to let us appreciate his own fingering better. And if this were not enough, he has also recorded them with great quality and mastery.


The result is an essential work for all who dream of playing and giving Christmas carols with our guitar for Christmas.


From Los Campanilleros, to "Campana sobre Campana", or "25 de Diciembre" ... all unforgettable and precious pieces. Recommended for middle-level performers of all ages.


Dear Justo, Congratulations for such a beautiful work and for anticipating this special Christmas gift.


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