Casimiro Lozano


With over 25 years building handmade guitars, his obsession for improving his work day by day and his  enthusiastic perfectionism have allowed Casimiro Lozano to earn a well-deserved prestige among the most  famous builders in the national and international scene.

From a very early age, Casimiro Lozano already showed a keen interest on guitar making. His great observation  and learning skills, added to a permanent desire to improve, very soon led him to develop first-quality guitars  with exquisite finishings.

Taking the Fleta guitar as an intial reference and developing it through a building system created by himself from  experimentation and advice from the great guitarists, his guitars deliver a clear power and sound, deep and  enveloping, and they are highly appreciated by musicians worldwide.

He has recently begun to build exceptional double-top concert guitars based on the latest building techniques,  always by hand. The result: perfect guitars in terms of power, clearness and balance. Elite instruments for elite  musicians.

His son Victor has been helping him in the workshop for some years, already  building his own guitars under the guidance of his father, and following his  building methods.

His guitars are currently an icon of the best Spanish craftsmanship, being highly admired and valued within the  most exclusive circles around the world.

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