Paula Lazzarini - Concierto Lattice

Top     Cedar - Lattice
Back and sides     Jacaranda
Varnish     French polish - top
Scale     648 mm
Nut width     52,5 mm

Paula Lazzarini - Concierto Lattice
This young luthier of Argentine origin and settled in Italy has a long experience in the construction of classic guitars with Australian lattice system.
Her work is also very detailed and of great technical perfection, which translates into very good ergonomics and sound quality.
This guitar also has Humphry's famous "Millenium" over-raised neck, and without Spanish heel, which offers an unusual comfort and a surprising easy-playability, along the whole fingerboard and especially in the high notes.
The frets are Dunlop medium-high type, which for guitarists used to a higher fret height offers the advantage of more comfort and lesser effort for the left hand.
The vaulted construction of the precious jacaranda wood of the back, combined with the mixed reticulated lattice system of balsa wood and carbon, offers outstanding performance in this guitar.
The sound is natural, of high quality, like the best Spanish guitars, whith great projection, endless sustain and exceptional harmonics, which arise without the slightest effort.
In short, we are facing a guitar of singular beauty, of perfect construction, advanced and innovative, and with a sound performance at the level of the best concert guitars.
It is worth trying and see how innovation plays in favor of the guitarists.

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