Top     Canadian cedar
Back and sides     Indian rosewood
Varnish     French polish
Scale     650 mm
Nut width     52 mm

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Concert Guitar Vladimir Druzhinin - cedar - 2021

Vladimir Druzhinin is a young Russian luthier of great talent and recognized international prestige.

In addition to his training as a guitar maker, Vladimir has a degree in physics, which has allowed him to study and refine the key details that most influence the quality of the guitar's sound. This obsession has led him to develop his construction style with a special focus on sound quality and color, with truly outstanding results.

From a construction point of view, his work is impeccable and careful, everything is well done and executed. The woods are of very high quality and the finish as well.

The ergonomics and comfort are excellent, it is an easy-playing and comfortable guitar. Its size appears slightly smaller than a standard concert guitar, closer in size to Hauser-type guitars.

Regarding the sound, the tone is especially rich and very colorful, very sweet and warm with great harmonic richness. The sound is also very well balanced between basses and trebles, highlighting the midtones, which are sometimes the most difficult to achieve. The sound is clear and clean and with good differentiation by notes and strings, it is very positive in this section.

In summary, this is a very easy-playing concert guitar, with a very good balanced sound and a very rich and colorful tone.

An excellent concert guitar with its own personality and identity.

You can see photos of the construction process following this link: Photos of the construction process