Cositas Buenas, Paco de Lucía

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Type     Guitar solo
Author     Paco de Lucia

Boox X: Cositas Buenas
Paco de Lucía
A4, 288 pages
Transcriptin by David Leiva
Languages: Spanish and English
"Cositas Buenas”, a record that marks the new path of contemporary flamenco guitar as we know today. It can only be said that the eight pieces included in this album are the sources that feed the current flamenco guitar. Analyzing the themes of this Paco de Lucía album, we realize that he has been the guitarist who most has contributed to flamenco, and everything that today may sound modern to us, he has already done before.
The eight pieces of this sublime record creation represent a before and after for the flamenco guitar, reaching unimaginable levels of composition and performance never before seen. Consequently, we find one of the best flamenco concert guitar records, a historic album.
The eight transcripts of "Cositas buenas” are made for guitarists, in some pieces, there is also the second guitar voice, cante, and bass.
Transcriptions are done in note and tablature with fingerings of both hands and dynamics.
Patio Custodio (Bulería)
- transcripcions for 2 guitars and cante
Cositas Buenas (Tangos)
- transcripcions for 2 guitars and cante
Antonia (Bulería por Soleá)
- transcripcions for guitar and cante
El Dengue (Rumba)
- transcripcions for 2 guitars
Volar (Bulería)
- transcripcions for 3 guitars and cante
El Tesorillo (Tientos)
- transcripcions for 2 guitars and cante
Que Venga el Alba (Bulería)
- transcripcions for 2 guitars and cante
Casa Bernardo (Rumba)
- transcripcions for 2 guitars and Bass