Camps CUT 900 C FLEX BL

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Precio     1.455,00 €
Ficha técnica
Top     Canadian cedar
Neck     Royal cedar with bidirectional rod
Preamps     Fishman FLEX BL
Back and sides     Ziricote
Fingerboard     Ebony
Scale     650 mm


These guitars are the result of many years of research in the field of amplifying systems, dating back to 1977. They especially stand out for their six-contact-point bridge, allowing for each string to transfer their energy independently to the pickup, thus achieving a superior balance between the strings, which is invariable through time and adapts to any potential strain on the guitar's harmonic top.

The Model Camps CUT FLEX BL, thanks to ziricote for back and sides, brings a sound of great beauty and depth, full of color and flavor.
The Fishman FLEX BL pre-amp system is elegant and discreet, while offering very high sound quality and EQ.