Amalio Burguet


From a very early age, Amalio Burguet developed an impressive skill in guitar building.  Although he knew about the tradition of Valencia, where the best mass production guitars  in the world are made, he also admired the artisan guitars built in small, private  workshops. Endeavouring to fuse the best qualities of both worlds together, he found a  formula that has nowadays become an icon: guitars built with the quality of an artisan  piece, but at an affordable price for everybody (students and professionals).  

His music studies allowed him to become aware of the guitarist's needs, making him very  demanding not only in terms of manufacture, but also in the selection of materials,  humidity conditions, storage and building temperatures.  

He pays special attention to the selection of woods from different origins and natures, searching for  the best of them in any part of the world to build each piece with the greatest quality possible. He also  places much care in the delicate and essential drying process of wood, applying all the time and  thoroughness required by such precious material.

In short, Amalio Burguet has earned a well-deserved prestige thanks to his carefully built instruments,  which are high quality and very affordable for all types of guitarists

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