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Increase sound and power of your guitar and get higher comfort for you.Easy installation and removal.
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The innovative "Guitarlift" guitar stands arrive. Now available in Guitarras de Luthier.
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Jose Luis Montón - BOOK
Surely one of the most demanded flamenco transcriptions books lately. It includes the transcriptions of the 12 tracks of the CD "Solo Guitarra" by José Luis Montón
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Featured Guitars
Paco Santiago Marin
50th Anniversary cedar 2023
Paulino Bernabe
IMPERIAL spruce 2023
Daniele Chiesa
Concert Double-Top 2023
Dieter Muller
Concert Double-Top 2023
Paulino Bernabe
COLECCION N5 maple 2023
Fernando Mazza
Model 20 Anniversary spruce
John Ray
Torres SE 153
Lorenzo Lippi
Concert - 2022
Davide Serracini
Gran Concert Limited Edition
Otto Vowinkel
Concert 2023
Pierre-Alexandre Bellest
Concert - spruce 2021
Yunah Park
Concert cedar 2022