Ana Espinosa


Ana Maria Espinosa Rodríguez began to build guitars in 1996 together with René Baarslag. Initially, she  took an Antonio de Torres model as a reference, and her analysis of this model on a physical and acoustic  level allowed her to develop a new guitar model which combined the results of her research and the broad  experience of master René.

Her concert model meets the quality and  elegance standards always present in her artisan  work, and also offers power and sound projection  to enhance the colour and richness of notes,  without demanding great effort from the guitarist,  relaxing and easing the performance.

With continuous improvement as a symbol of  identity, her guitars are nowadays a reference  because of the sensual beauty of their design and the quality and sensitivity of their  sound. Made from a selection of the best woods, the original "head and rosette" logo is  yet another proof of her refined style.

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