Andres Daniel Marvi


Born in Germany in 1956, from a very early age he began to play the guitar until, after finishing his secondary  studies, he started to teach at various music schools. He supplemented this  task by building guitars in Zurich (Switzerland), taught by maestro José Luis  Romanillos. It was here that he discovered his artisan talent and manual  skill.

Since 1987, Andrés Marvi lives in Spain, where he is fully devoted to the  artisan making of top-quality guitars. His broad experience and endorsed  quality have never prevented him from staying open to any innovations that  could be translated into higher sound efficiency for his instruments, both in  terms of sound richness, volume and projection.

His instruments, widely requested by professionals around the world, may be  seen in the hands of first-category professional musicians, like the flamenco  guitarist Gerardo Núñez or classical performers Goran Krivokapic and Graham Anthony Devine.

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