Camps, Hermanos


The workshop was founded by Juan Camps Coll in 1945, in Banyoles, Spain. With his musical  and woodwork education, being a self-taught researcher with an entrepreneur personality,  Juan Camps was constantly investigating and experimenting, having used the most varied  building systems throughout his life, different glues, woods, varnishes, etc

His main goal was to build a guitar that offered the best price-quality relationship, so that all  guitarists could aspire to buy an instrument of high acoustic and building quality within a  reasonable budget.

The current heirs of his experience and knowledge are his sons: Javier and Jordi Camps  "HERMANOS CAMPS" ("CAMPS BROTHERS"), who -after a thorough technical and musical  education- joined the workshop in 1989. Their work is handcrafted, but they incorporate the  latest technological advances to achieve an even higher final quality. Thus, they have included  modern elements such as carbon fiber, adjustable titanium ribs, six-contact bridges for amplified guitars, MIDI, and modern varnishes and  adhesives.

Camps brothers, faithful to their father's entrepreneur spirit, build in accordance with the traditional Spanish systems, but they continue to  research with the advice of the best musicians, so that each instrument is better than the previous one.  They incorporate modern techniques for  calibration, machining, polishing, finishing and control, with the aim of offering the best guitar possible: the most comfortable and in-tune guitar to  allow musicians to fully express their art.

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