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In less than two decades, the American luthier Stephan Connor has achieved a prominent place of honor between the global elite of artisans of classical guitar.

His dedication and love for his profession together with his relentless pursuit to get instruments with own personality and great power, has culminated in a high performance instrument that today is played and admired by some of the greatest figures of the guitar international scene.

Although the basis of his guitar is rooted in the original Spanish guitar, his work and studies have led him to modify both the interior bracing and structure to achieve a unique sound and power that currently is demanded by top guitarists.

Connor has had the courage to evolve the Spanish guitar, without prejudice, finding new and bold solutions, with the firm intention of giving the musicians what they need, better sound, more volume and greater projection. Respecting the past but evolving and innovating for the future.

His innovative Sound Portal, an elliptical cavity is in the side, complemented with a studied bracing system and internal construction, gets extra volume and projection. This cavity can be closed entirely or partly by a magnetized door, which is suitable for certain duet performances or during the study.

But the most surprising feature of Connor's guitars is the poetic sound and clarity and that extra magic that makes playing them a joy and inspiration

At its charms should be added also the well deserved reputation for comfortable and easy-playing instrument.

For all this and much more (you have to try it to understand it), great worldwide guitarists play and love his  guitars, including: Eliot Fisk, Assad Brothers, José María Gallardo del Rey, Zaira Meneses, Angel Romero, David Tanenbaum, Rafael Aguirre, ...

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