Dieter Muller

Foto Dieter Muller II

Dieter Müller belongs to a restricted and select category of luthiers who know the secrets and the art of building double top guitars with effective results in terms of power, projection, response, tone and harmonic richness.


Since Dammann innovations were made famous throughout the world, promoting a quantum leap in the performance of the guitar, many builders started  to make also double tops, but honestly, most of them with very poor results.


Only a few craftsmen, mostly Germans have managed to apply this sophisticated technique, achieving remarkable and significant improvements.


Dieter Müller is part of this small group of artisans, the elite luthiers in Double Top, and today he already enjoys a remarkable reputation in making Double Top guitars.


His construction skills, his ongoing studies and training in science and being an outstanding guitarist, has allowed him to develop an outstanding guitar, a complete guitar in all aspects.


His guitars are distinguished by its lightness and also for its powerful sound and great projection, and a sweet and colorful tone with endless sustain and rich harmonics.


As a good German, his guitars are meticulously made to the smallest detail, and as a good guitarist, he knows how to make it comfortable and easy-playing.


In a nutshell, each guitar of Dieter Müller is an exceptional piece, conceived, designed and constructed so that expert hands can extract all its enormous potential.


We are very proud to represent his guitars.