Gerundino Fernandez

Gerundino Foto 1 Gerundino Fernández Llamas was born in Almeria, Spain in 1974.
Son of the prestigious Luthier Gerundino Fernandez, since childhood grew up surrounded by guitars, since his father had the workshop at home, and learned the art of making guitars in a natural and intuitive way.
Since he was a child, he helped his father in various tasks of gluing, sanding, carving, which helped to develop his technique and construction skills from an early age.
Gerundino son is also a great expert in woods, since he was very young accompanying his uncle Eladio (brother of his father), to search and select the best cypress throughout Spain, and acquired a remarkable knowledge in localization, selection and cutting of the best woods.
Gerundino Jr. has given continuity to his father's work, making 100% handmade guitars and working in the same way as his father did, respecting the quality, the finish and the woods to get the best sound.
His guitars are of high quality in finishes and acoustics, offering the traditional sound of the world famous "Gerundina".
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