Lester DeVoe

Lester Devoe Photo 1 From the beginning of the 70s Lester DeVoe began to study classical guitar and later the technique of flamenco guitar, with the aspiration of becoming a professional player. After a memorable lesson in which he had the opportunity to try a guitar Santos Hernández'1924 from his teacher, he began a search to buy a guitar with that sound and response. As this type of guitar was no longer done, with the help of a retired local luthier, he began to make a guitar for himself, copying his teacher's guitar and studying the guitars of his friend's unique instrument collection.
He maintained the pattern and memory of Santos Hernández while at the same time testing his new construction ideas. Some of the refinements he has developed include more precise fret placement, string compensation, stress-free assembly and internal reinforcement design that make his guitars unique and consistent in sound and feel.
His guitars and the exquisiteness of his work have been appreciated by great guitarists around the world. Especially noteworthy are their flamenco guitars that have climbed to the best performers of our time such as Paco de Lucia, Vicente Amigo, Sabicas, Antonio Rey, Ramón Sanchez .. between others.

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