Jesus Bellido


Born in 1966 within a family of guitar makers, since very young he was surrounded by the world of guitars. At the age  of 13 he began his professional training at the workshop of his father (and teacher), combining it with his university  education.

For some time he also taught guitar-building lessons until, in 1995, he decided to devote himself exclusively to building  his own instruments. During recent years he has also taken part in numerous exhibitions and lectures. The quality of  his work resulted in him being selected as a Spanish representative in expert lutherie for the European Economic  Community, in the conferences held in Colonia during 2001 and 2002, within the "Leonardo da Vinci Project".  

From a technical perspective, he has applied diverse building methods, always seeking to make the most of the  advantages in each one. Nowadays, after having tried several building methods, he keeps two: the traditional Spanish  system and a second one that includes lutherie techniques.

In a constant search for top quality, he uses only first-rate materials and accessories. For peg boxes, he includes only the most well-known and  top quality brands in the world. For varnishes, he uses the best shellac. Having his own sawmill allows him to offer a great variety of woods,  whose cut and drying are carried out in the most rigorous way. His special guitars are made from first quality woods undergoing drying processes  that last over 15 years, and in many cases over 30 years

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