Jim Redgate

Foto Jim Redgate Jim Redgate was born in 1963 in London and his family emigrated to Australia in 1966.  His father was something of a handyman and taught him many skills with wood at an early age.
At the age of 19 years old he decided to build his first guitar. At this time he was studying music and theory at college which, after a year, gave him the appropriate skills to enter a Certificate of Music Performance course. He completed this in 1985 and was accepted into the Elder Conservatorium of Music to study for a performance degree. He finished this in 1988 with high marks. During his degree he performed on guitars, which he had built, in many solo and ensemble concerts and won a study scholarship.
His skills playing the guitar enable him to competently evaluate instruments from a players perspective, which is extremely important in producing fine instruments. After completing his degree, he decided to pursue guitar building as a career and initially supported himself by instrumental teaching until he became a full time luthier in 1992.
He mastered the building of instruments along traditional lines and began experimenting with new techniques and materials. Since then, his guitars have been gaining a reputation for excellence worldwide. He now makes around 20 guitars per year from his home workshop.
Redgate's creations are the first choice of an increasing number of professional guitarists such us Pepe Romero, Ana Vidovic, Odair Assad, Slava Grigoryan...
Jim Redgate Lattice guitars
Their lattice type guitars offer all the power and projection you can expect from lattice-type guitars, but at the same time with the sound quality of traditional guitars, updated with a more modern sound, richer in high and low tones.
Jim Redgate Double Tops guitars
The volume of the Double Top and Lattice guitars is quite similar. These guitars come originally with a raised fingerboard.
Its sound is characterized by its exceptional sustain, warmth and richness of color, with very good response in the middle frequencies. Jim Redgate builds two models of Double Top: the Double Top and "Wave" Double Top, in this last the top is slightly curved. Both DT guitars are among the best Double Top that are built nowadays around the world.
In Guitarras de Luthier we are proud to represent Jim Redgate's guitars, which will soon reach our store for our exclusive clients.