John Ray


In late 1989, chasing the dream of building his own guitars, John Ray arrives in Granada, aware that this place  is one of the major centers in the world for artisan guitar making. From the beginning he received outstanding  tuition from Jonathan Hinves, Jose Angel Chacón and the master Antonio Marín,  always aided by the invaluable support and guidance from his friend and great  guitar maker, Rolf Eichinger.

Being convinced that, in order to progress, one must first know and study the  origins, his classical and flamenco guitars were developed from the study of the  great historical guitars of Torres, Barbero, Lorca and Hernández Santos. In time,  he managed to achieve a unique style, typical for the sound and design of his  instruments, which perfectly meet the requirements of great guitarists.

Apart from their typical sound, and the ease they provide for the player to blend  colour, John's guitars also stand out for their comfort, thanks to the exclusive  shape of their neck, something that is especially important for professionals,  who must play for hours on end. Using his finest materials and woods, his  guitars are made to last -or even to improve- with the passing of time.