Juan Miguel Gonzalez


Miguel González, father of Juan Miguel, started to build guitars in 1935 and was contemporary with Moya  Brothers, guitar makers from Almeria who learned the trade from Antonio de Torres, enabling his  undisputable mastery to set the foundations of a solid guitar-making tradition in the region of Almeria

This tradition was inherited by his son, Juan Miguel González, who began to study this vocational trade from  a very early age at his father's workshop, thus entering the fascinating world of the Spanish guitar making,  and broadening the artisan legacy of his father. His work skilfully combines craft, innovation, technique,  dedication, and a lot of passion.

The noble materials used by Juan Miguel González to build his guitars -carefully selected and with a high  acoustic potential- are of exceptional quality. Most of these materials belonged to his father's original  workshop, and have now benefited from a careful ageing process aimed at obtaining the highest quality in  woods.

The entire manufacture process is made by hand, paying attention to every detail to ensure maximum quality  results. His latest studies on materials and guitar assembly have allowed him to develop a new "fan" system for guitar frame layout, entailing  great progress as far as aesthetics, sound and resonance are concerned, delivering unprecedented levels of musical performance.