Prudencio Saez


Since 1963, when Prudencio Sáez Armengol settled as a guitar builder, his family workshop has always  been characterized by the artisan building of its guitars.

Combining tradition and technology - to meet the requirements of musicians and guitarists- he has never  stopped growing since then and today he offers a wide range of instruments: from his well-known student  guitars to his exclusive concert guitars, including electric and cutaway models, all of them built from a  selection of the finest woods.

Through time, Prudencio Sáez has earned a great reputation as a builder of top quality guitars at  unbeatable prices. To understand this, one just needs to look as his classical student models made from  cocobolo woods.

Today, the third generation of Prudencio Sáez Marín carries on the tradition and a know-how that ha

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