Rene Baarslag


Born in Heerlen, Holland, in 1948, René Baarslag attended courses on mechanical engineering as well as on  classical and flamenco guitar.  Irrepressibly attracted by the guitar world, he decides to move to Spain -where he  meets Antonio Marín- and settles in Granada, where he devotes himself to the artisan guitar-making vocation.

Without separating his technical training from the traditional guitar-making school, he has always sought to innovate  with his instruments, in order to provide them with higher acoustic power and greater expressive capacity at the  same time, always under a base pattern of balance and sound warmth

Throughout his broad professional career, René has also worked as a teacher, delivering guitar-building courses  and lectures in the USA and in other countries. His ideas and innovations entailed not only great progress for the  instrument, but also remarkable success among the guitar professionals in all fields.

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