Sanchis Lopez, Hermanos


David and German are worthy successors of a dynasty of luthiers with nearly 100 years of history, which began with Ricardo Sanchis Nacher in 1915.

Young but with the background and experience of its heritage and tradition, they have kept the essence of the Spanish guitar, but evolving to reach a proposal that complies with current guitarists requests.

Both brothers have learned the craft and love for work well done by his father, Ricardo Sanchis Carpio, still active and who can be defined as the Revolutionary artisan of Sanchis saga, as he studied, developed and improved the guitars to give relevance and prestige they have today.

Good relationships of forerunners of this guitar dynasty with his contemporaries, among them Domingo Esteso and Ramirez , were instrumental in the development of their guitars, which for decades have captivated guitarists of all genres.

Highlight their flamenco guitars, popular and admired in the flamenco world for its distinctive  tone, depth and genuine flamenco sound.

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