1950s American Recordings, Vol. 4

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Guitarist     Andres Segovia
Composer     Several
Type     Classical


SEGOVIA, Andres: 1950s American Recordings, Vol. 4

Volume 4 of Segovia’s 1950s American recordings is devoted in the main to his arrangements of music composed between 1535 and 1750. Although today it is customary to play this repertoire on reproductions of instruments authentically modelled on concepts of musicological research, Segovia preferred the 20th century guitar to all other instruments as an expressive medium. To his interpretations of the 16th century works of Milan, Narváez, Mudarra and Dowland, as well as the Baroque guitar of Robert de Visée and transcriptions from Scarlatti or Rameau, Segovia brings the same application of colour, variety of dynamics and rhythmic freedom as he applied to romantic pieces. This fullblooded approach to early music was greatly appreciated during his lifetime and often provided one of the few opportunities for the general public to become acquainted with this area of the repertoire.

LUYS MILAN (c. 1500-after 1560): Pavana III


LUYS DE NARVÁEZ (fl. 1526-1549): Canción del Emperador / Guárdame las vacas

ALONSO MUDARRA (c. 1510-1580): Romanesca

JOHN DOWLAND (1563-1626): Captain Digorie Piper's Galliard

GIROLAMO FRESCOBALDI (1583-1643): Aria detta la Frescobalda

LOUIS COUPERIN (c. 1626-1661): Passacaglia

Anonymous: Vaghe belleze
Cesare Negri: Bianco fiore
Anonymous: Danza
Anonymous: Gagliarda
Anonymous: Se io m'accorgo
Vincenzo Galilei: Saltarello

ROBERT DE VISÉE (c. 1650 - c. 1732): Suite in D minor

MANUEL PONCE (1882-1948): Preámbulo and Tempo di Gavotta from Suite II
(formerly attributed to Alessandro Scarlatti, 1660-1725)

JEAN-PHILIPPE RAMEAU (1683-1764): Minuet

DOMENICO SCARLATTI (1685-1757): Sonata K. 11 / L. 352

MANUEL PONCE: Pieces from Suite I
(formerly attributed to Sylvius Leopold Weiss, 1686-1750)
Prélude (Track 26), Ballet, Gigue – DECCA DL 9633, mx MG 2671, Recorded March 1952
Prélude (Track 28), Allemande – DECCA DL 9734, mx MG 3685, Recorded April 1954

All arrangements by Andrés Segovia