Top     German spruce
Back and sides     Madagascar rosewood
Varnish     French polish
Scale     650 mm
Nut width     52 mm


Guitar Eduardo Durán Ferrer Concert - 2023

Belonging to a family with a long tradition in the construction of guitars, Eduardo Durán's work bears the stamp and unmistakable personality of the best traditional guitars from Granada.

First of all, this guitar offers comfort and excellent ergonomics, more typical of flamenco guitars; the action is low for a classical guitar, the neck is very thin, and its design makes the guitar especially comfortable and easy to play for the left hand.

Its sound is of great chromatic beauty, rich in colors and nuances and with a sweetness and sensitivity that only a few guitars are capable of achieving.

It offers power and control, and above all a great sound balance that allows you to modulate and nuance each note.

In short, a great traditional concert guitar, with sublime sound and exceptional easy-playability, what more could you ask for?

There are few guitars that are still made like this.