Top     German spruce
Back and sides     Indian rosewood
Varnish     French polish
Scale     650 mm
Nut width     52 mm

New Classical Concert Guitar by John Ray.
Based on a 1943 Hauser I guitar, John Ray has been making this model for more than 20 years. During this time John has been introducing changes in the guitar to achieve two fundamental features, a sound of exceptional beauty and a truly unique easy-playability.
Regarding the sound, it stands out for its response, its warm tone and its great richness of nuances and colors. It also offers great sustain and outstanding balance.
As for comfort, its thin and slender neck coupled with a very low action, unusual in classical guitars, makes it one of the most comfortable and easy-playing classical concert guitars we have tried.
In short, this is a guitar that is a delight to play for its ease and comfort, and at the same time offers a sound that is a caress for the ears, its rich velvety tone moves you.
Great Concert guitar, John Ray knows very well what he does; a great job !