Davide Serracini Gran Concert Limited Edition nr 100

Top     Canadian cedar
Neck     Cedar with truss rod
Frets     Gold titanium
Back and sides     Madagascar rosewood
Varnish     Frech polish (top) - Nitro (back and sides)
Scale     650 mm
Nut width     52 mm

Davide Serracini Gran Concert Limited Edition nr 100

Guitar of the Italian luthier Davide Serracini model Gran Concert Limited Edition made for the Rome Guitar Expo in 2022, it is his 100th guitar.

Davide Serracini is a highly talented luthier, with exceptional technical skill and endowed with great creativity.

As a Limited Edition it has numerous details of very fine execution, among which it stands out: the subtle and elegant outline of the neck and head, the interior label carved on an ebony plate, the word "Cento" (Hundred) on the bridge to commemorate his 100th guitar, the beautiful modern rosette, the gold titanium frets, the snakewood body purfling ...

It also offers outstanding technical details such as a very thin neck with double carbon reinforcement and adjustable truss rod, which helps to set a very comfortable action, and a fingerboard with a smooth 28" radius that makes it easier to play capos with your fingers... all of which make the guitar extremely comfortable and very easy to play.

The woods chosen are also of the highest quality, Canadian red cedar for the top with a very regular grain and an exclusive Madagascar rosewood for the back and sides of exuberant beauty.

This guitar is inspired by the guitars of the luthier Daniel Friederich, with the same size and bracing, resulting in an expressive, lyrical, well-balanced sound that evokes the essence of guitars by the French master luthier.

In short, this is a unique and exclusive guitar, a Limited Edition where Davide has poured all his best know-how so that his emblematic guitar number 100 is remembered as an exponent of his best work.

Beauty and sound come together in equal parts in this singular and unique creation.

Congratulations Master Davide Serracini, what a great job!