Top     German Spruce
Back and sides     Spanish cypress
Varnish     French polish
Scale     655 mm

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Flamenco Guitar Francisco Barba - Blanca
Francisco Barba has earned his well-deserved fame for making the best flamenco guitars that are made today.
Its secret ?, to be faithful to its principles and to maintain its craftmanship construction with the same method, mime and time with which always he constructed them.
Their 100% artisan guitars, have a construction period that exceeds the year and a half, only their French polish lacquer finish has a working time of more than 6 months, the result? the best flamenco guitar that today is made in Spain.
The guitars of Francisco, made for 20 years in together with his sons Francisco and Juan Antonio, retain all the knowledge and flavour of the authentic traditional flamenco guitar, with the exact buzzing sound of genuine flamenco guitars and the deep sound that penetrates your soul.
The sound of this guitar is a "quejio", a singing, a tear, a deep sea of ​​feelings and sensations.
There is no equal guitar, there is no equal flamenco expression.
This guitar is pure magnetism, and this work an authentic masterpiece.
This is the authentic flamenco guitar, like the best ever, like those that no longer can be found!