Guitar Case Accord Flight

Price     1.380,00 €
Type     Professional hard case
Instrument     Guitar
Resistance     Until 150 Kg.
Weight     4.0 Kg.




This case is highly robust, far better than any other material with twice its weight. Especially suitable for musicians who travel often and need to protect their instrument. Accord's strategic reinforcements make it virtually indestructible. Weight: 4 Kg. Estimated resistance force: 150 kg

Colors available:
- Blue 3D
- Safari 3D


About Accord

Accord is probably the most prestigious and well-known company worldwide in high-end cases for professional instruments. Their cases -made from carbon fiber- reflect beauty, design, high technology, lightness and resistance to ensure that the instrument is safely protected.

One of Accord's typical features is its external 3D finishing with colour touches that pretend to be flakes, giving them a superb appearance and elegance. All cases are handmade, and each of them is different and unique.

Cases are handcrafted and can be personalized according with the customer's needs. The available options include: signatures in silver or gold letters, and logos. Accord cases are also available in all solid colours, including metalized paints.

Accord uses a unique technology to achieve lightness, strength and protection, everything at the smallest size possible in order to make transport easier. Besides, Accord's production process is based on a gradual structuring process with Kevlar, in two different levels as required by the customer.

The protection offered by Accord cases is double: first, the external, high-resistance carbon fiber structure, and on the inside, the padded suspension system with double density in order to fully protect the instrument against bumps.

The instrument is like "floating" between the padding of a wrinkled velvet interior. These pads are made from a mixture of foams with different densities, carefully studied to absorb all impact, ensuring maximum protection for the instrument. Interior velvet colour may be: Black, Dark Blue, Bordeaux, Red or Light Gray.

All Accord cases come with 3 straps: a shoulder strap (the longest one), two bag straps (shorter) and an internal removable pocket.

Accord cases are built on request and delivered within 50 days (approximately) after order confirmation.

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