Top     Canadian cedar
Neck     Mahogany + Rosewood
Back and sides     Indian rosewood
Varnish     French polish
Fingerboard     Ebony
Scale     650 mm
Nut width     51.5 mm


Maybe one of the most amazing guitars that we have selected recently.

Built with the system "lattice bracing", mix reticular system with balsa wood and double carbon fiber.


Its thin and slender neck has unvarnished natural rosewood on the back, very effective because it ensures grip and facilitates the sliding even when the hands sweat.


From the first note its quite surprising the power and projection, it is at the same level that best  double-top and Lattice, then you are captivated by the good sound, bright, beautiful, very rich and colorful. Deep, powerful and well-defined basses and clean, crystalline and well balanced trebles. Nothing to do with some lattice guitars that sound very metallic.


Harmonics are noteworthy, they are unsurpassed, immediate, with great sustain and easy to get around the hole neck.


And when you play it, quickly you discover how easy and comfortable it is. Her slender neck is delicious. Never get tired. Super easy-playability.


In a few words, a complete guitar you immediately will love: power and great projection + great sound + super comfort ... you can't ask for anymore.


At the level of the best concert guitars currently built worldwide.