Top     Double Top - Cedar
Back and sides     Jacaranda - Double back with nomex
Varnish     French polish
Scale     650 mm
Nut width     52 mm


Guitar Fernando Mazza - Double Top - cedar - 2022
New guitar by luthier Fernando Mazza, made with the technique of double-top and double-back.
The double-top is made of an outer cedar top, a reticulated interior made of balsa wood, and an inner top made of cedar.
The double-back is made of two back of rosewood and an interior of nomex.
This innovative system enhances the flexibility of the top and the back, facilitating the flow of sound waves, and thus achieving a higher level of projection and power.
Additionally Mazza has also introduced the sound portal, (elliptical cavity in the upper side), which provides an extra projection for listeners and especially for the guitarist.
The sound is of great quality, very clearly by string, with excellent sustain and very rich harmonics.
In short, Fernando Mazza has managed to make a technically evolved guitar with excellent sound and impressive performance.