Fret Polishing Kit

Price     10,00 €
Type     Frets


Fret Polishing Kit

Special Non-Aggressive High Performance Polishing System


- Easiest and Safest way to Polish Guitar Frets without aggressive treatment.

- Features Graded Micron Polishing Cloth. (4 grades)

- Quality Stainless Fret Board Guard.

- Fast and User Friendly- Even with strings on the guitar!

- Enough material for up to 20 Fret Jobs!

- Flexible Polishing Cloth cleans the whole fret effectively.

- Can Be Cut Into Strips like above for easy access.

- Instructions Included (in English)


The Fret Polishing kit features a simple and efficient system to quickly polish your guitar frets. Just lay the Fret Board Guard over the fret, and use the Polishing Cloth to quickly dress the fret.


For best results, cut a 1 inch strip of each color of polishing cloth. This will allow you to maneuver the cloth more easily.

Depending on the condition of your frets, start with the Green (400 Grit), or the Grey (600 Grit), and just run up and down the fret a few times. Then go through the other grades, and when you finish, your frets will look like polished glass. This process is quick and economical. The system is outstanding.

Micron Polishing Fabric is comprised of graded aluminum oxide and silicone carbide particles, slurry coated onto a non-woven synthetic backing. The flexible fabric is long lasting, conforming to different angles for better efficiency.

Kit contains one long piece of each. (3 x 8.5 inches)

- 30 Micron (400 grit) Green

- 15 Micron (600 grit) Grey

- 9 Micron (1200 grit) Blue

- 3 Micron (4000 Grit) Pink

4 grades total