Jesús de Jiménez - Flamenco Negra - 2024

Top     German spruce
Neck     Cedar
Back and sides     Indian rosewood
Varnish     French polish
Scale     655 mm
Nut width     52 mm

Jesús de Jiménez Flamenco Negra 2024
Segunda Epoca
Jesús de Jiménez deservedly earned a place of honor among flamenco guitar artisans, rather I should say among the very few artisans who are really building by hand, and only, from start to finish, good and authentic flamenco guitars.
His work, authentic and genuine wherever it may be, is an extension of his own personality. We are talking about real flamenco guitars, authentic guitars, those that sound true flamenco, the flamenco sound that we all have in our heads and with which we have always dreamed.
His guitars are now in the hands of the best professional flamenco guitarists, and are in their hands by right, because these guitars were choose by them to play for real and not to promote them as sometimes other famous luthiers do to give visibility to their guitars .
Jesús de Jiménez guitars do not need that, why not? because his guitars are flamenco, they sound flamenco and have the typical comfoart and easy-playability of flamenco guitars ... and that's it.
This Flamenco Negra guitar is a very high level soloist guitar, and with all the depth and personality of the best flamenco negras.
We like this guitar for its "quejío", for its expressiveness and for the ease with which it leads you between difficult falsetas with naturalness and security.
A good flamenco soloist guitar!