Price     85,00 €
Type     Guitar rest

Guitarlift offers each guitarist the ergonomically correct (sitting-) position.
Guitarlift also prevents the dampening of the ribs and back of the guitar, an aspect that is important for the sound development and projection of the instrument.
Millimeter accurate adaption possibilities, relaxed practicing without getting a backache, a completely free left hand, sound enhancement are the advantages of this completely new and innovative guitar support.
Guitarlift is made in Germany.
Guitarlift Medium Plate
Multifunctional like the big plate, but for smaller guitars and usable as a half plate for larger guitars.
Significantly narrower leg cutout, with the same cushion as in big plate or half plate. Equipped with premium suction cups.
Available in color: Transparent Crystal Clear and black
Made of Plexiglas ® GS (4 mm, max. external thread: 22.5 x 36.5 cm)
Large sponge rubber cushion (circular 25 mm, inner dimension 3 mm)
Leg cutout (17.3 cm)
4 transparent suction cups (diameter 50 mm) with release flap
The adjustment is very simple: First, find a suitable position for your Guitarlift at the bottom of your guitar. Then set the suction cups as close to the edge as possible. This increases the stability and allows more vibration of the back.
Suction cups stick only on smooth lacquered and dust-free surfaces.
On satin-varnished or damaged lacquers it will be necessary to use the original foil pads. To care rinse the cups with clear water and then wipe with a microfiber cloth.
To apply the foil pads please take a look to the photos.
Hint: You do not have to press hard to attach the suction cups, a gentle pressure would be enough.