Carlos Juan Busquiel - La Leona - replica Torres

Top     German spruce
Neck     Cedar
Back and sides     Spanish cypress
Varnish     French polish
Fingerboard     Rosewood
Scale     650 mm
Nut width     52 mm


Carlos Juan Busquiel - Model La Leona, Antonio de Torres

Surely one of the most mysterious, desired and sought after guitars of Antonio de Torres, model La Leona, a guitar of extraordinary sound and beauty, and as many experts and great guitarists say, its beautiful tone has never been surpassed.

The result of creativity and experimentation of Antonio de Torres, or perhaps born of his great talent, La Leona surprises by its implicity, but it gets something unique, smothing that everyone looks for in a guitar, a hypnotic and seductive sound that penetrates to the soul.

Perhaps it has to do the tornavoz, which models the sound and especially achieves wonderful basses. But I am rather inclined to think that this is a great formula of measures, bracing, wood and tornavoz, all of which has an end, to get an unique and marvellous sound.

Carlos Juan Busquiel, is one of the few luthiers (possibly the only one) that has managed not only faithfully reproduce the original guitar, but also make it sound with the beauty and magic of authentic Leona.

Certainly much has been involved in this achievement his technical skills and talent, and also all the hours of study and research developed jointly with Romanillos, until they found the master keys of its measures and the subtle construction and placement of the tornavoz.

The result is a simple-looking piece of singular beauty, but of complex construction, which seduces and captivates from the first note.

Its basses roar with force and character, the warm trebles sweeten and soothe us, together, we love the sound.