Top     Cedar
Neck     Cedar
Back and sides     Indian rosewood
Varnish     French polish
Scale     650 mm
Nut width     53.5 mm

Guitar Ignacio Fleta, 1988 – Nº 887

Fleta guitar from 1988 No. 887 in perfect condition, made by Gabriel Fleta Sr. (1929-2013), with only minor marks of use and the passage of time.

Gabriel Fleta Sr. worked and collaborated in his father Ignacio Fleta's workshop from a very early age, participating in the construction of some of the best guitars that have made history and that ended up in the hands of great guitar masters such as Andrés Segovia, Alirio Díaz and John Williams.

Since the famous Fleta guitar that Andrés Segovia began playing in 1955, all Fleta guitars have been built with the same pattern and the same craftmanship dedication, only 3 or 4 guitars leave the Fleta workshop per year, which has led to a list waiting time to obtain a Fleta that exceeds 10 years.

Specifically, this guitar from 1988 was made in the period of maximum maturity of Gabriel Fleta, when at that time he was close to 60 years old.

All parts of this guitar are original, including the varnish and the Fustero tuners, which maintains its full functionality.

Its sound is harmonious, elegant and subtle, its projection is medium, standing out above all for the quality of its warm, lyrical and enveloping sound.

In short, we are looking at a historical guitar that is part of the golden age of the Spanish guitar history and that fortunately is in perfect condition.

A unique opportunity to own and enjoy a piece of the best history of the Spanish guitar.