Juan Hernandez MAESTRO ESPECIAL cedar

Top     Canadian cedar (Double-Top)
Back and sides     Cocobolo
Varnish     Nitro Lacquered
Fingerboard     Ebony
Scale     650 mm
Nut width     51.3 mm

Guitar Juan Hernadez MAESTRO ESPECIAL Cedar

This guitar is featured by its Double-Top construction that offers extra power and projection.

This Nomex Double-Top really works, not like other double-top guitars that do not provide any additional advantage. On the contrary, this Maestro Especial offers more projection, greater sustain, better and deeper basses and more immediate harmonics.

And all this is achieved by maintaining the sound quality of Juan Hernandez's best guitars, providing an additional point of modernity and contemporary.

In addition, this guitar has a sound portal in one of its sides, which provides a greater volume of sound for the performer himself, which is a great advantage when playing in the company of other musicians or an orchestra.

In short, a great concert guitar, plenty of projection and performance, suitable for the most demanding guitarists and performers who, in addition to power, are looking for a quality and modern sound.