Rafal Turkowiak - The Ancient Queen of Guitars 2024

Top     Flamed cedar
Back and sides     Black California Walnut Burl
Varnish     French polish
Fingerboard     Ebony - elevated
Scale     650 mm
Nut width     52 mm


Classical Guitar Rafal Turkowiak model “the Ancient Queen of Guitars”

Surely the most innovative and evolved guitar we have had in our hands.


We are impressed, not only by technology, but for his concept of sound and solutions found with aim that sound flows freely. But what really impressed us is the sound result and performance. We have no words.


The sound is pristine, immediate response to the slightest touch of the strings, each string offers its range sound crisp and clear, endless sustain, harmonics are rich and beautiful, unsurpassed comfort thanks to its asymmetric neck, elevated fingerboard, tone of singular beauty, deep and velvety basses, sharp, vivid cheerful trebles, and it has plenty of power and projection, .. is there anything else you can ask for?


Yes, it still offers more, woods exuberant beauty and top quality, flawless construction, no sign of imperfection, varnishing as we had not seen before, and fine and tasteful details, like mother-of- pearl in the head, rosette, heel and tuners.


And what about the ingenious system of armrests integrated in the body, what wonderful comfort for the right arm...

Classical guitar model: “the Ancient Queen of Guitars”; main specifications:

- Acoustic Tubes inside the guitar neck with natural Baltic amber outlets

- Top with S-WAVE-type resonator

- Back & sides made at High-Tech Press

- Impedance Black Ebony Bridge with Stiffening Wings encrusted with natural bone and Baltic amber

- Amber HeadLight

- Floating Ebony Armrest Isolated from the soundboard

- Double Top – Old-growth Redwood (top)(Master Grade) / Western Red Cedar (bottom)( Master Grade)

- Back & Sides – Black Special Walnut Burl (Master Grade)

- Neck – asymmetric Turkowiak neck profile made of flamed Sycamore Maple (Master Grade)

- Fingerboard – elevated, flat, made of African Ebony (Master Grade)

- Head with double natural Baltic amber plates encrusted with natural bone crown logo

- Central soundhole with rosette encrusted with natural Baltic amber plates and two natural bone crown logos

- Binding – African Ebony (Master Grade)

- Heel – flamed Sycamore Maple encrusted with natural Baltic amber crown logo, with a cap made of natural Baltic amber

- Nut – 52 mm, hand-shaped and polished authentic bone, semi-scalloped

- Saddle – hand-shaped, polished, and semi-scalloped authentic bone

- ARTuners – Turkowiak Handmade Gold, Ebony knobs, black aluminum rollers with bearings, black wood screw inlay, ratio 18:1, engravings

- Markers – fingerboard side ø2 mm at 5, 9 and ø4.0 mm at 7, 12 (double) frets made of authentic bone inlaid with natural Baltic amber

- Fretwire – EVO-GOLD (nickel-free) fretwire

- Varnish – Highly resonant (own recipe), anti-static, hand-polished, high-gloss

- Strings – Hannabach 1869 Pure Silver 24Ct Gold Plated Carbon Medium-High Tension