B10 Bandurria 12 strings, Normal Tension

Price     15,00 €
Type     Others
Instrument     Bandurria
Tension     Normal



B10 Solista Bandurria 12 Strings- Normal Tension - Resistent steel trebles/ Silverplate wound basses

Set has 12 strings in 6 unison courses.

Caprice strings for bandurria have silverplated basses and especially hard and resistent steel trebles.

It is unique in that it permits the player to tune above the normal limits without breaking. Caprice bandurria strings assure a brilliant sound with precision tuning.


1st Steel = 0,28 mm (.011")

2nd Steel = 0,38 mm (.015")

3rd Steel (silverplated) = 0,51 mm (.020")

4th Steel (silverplated) = 0,56 mm (.022")

5th Steel (silverplated)= 0,80 mm (.031")

6th Steel (silverplated) = 0,95 mm (.037")

Tuning is "aa/ee/bb/f#f#/c#c#/G#G#" or "a#a#/f#f#/cc/gg/dd/AA"