Sergio Valverde Castillo

Foto Sergio Web III "What makes my guitars interesting is the special feeling with wood I can perceive through my hands, my touch, my smell, my eyes and my love for music", Sergio Valverde Castillo
Who says this is the recent luthier winner of the First Prize of the "Antonio Marin Montero" guitar makers contest held in Granada, Spain in 2017.
Sergio Valverde Castillo is a cabinet maker since 1998 and his great love for music and guitar led him to guide and develop his profession towards the construction of guitars. He studied this beautiful art with Stephen Hill and Pablo Requena and with valuable help from the Bellido family.


Sergio has been able in a very short time to develop a technical capacity and a level of construction that distinguishes his guitars with a sound and an acoustic quality of the best luthiers.


It is no coincidence that he won the first prize in the recent guitar contest held in Granada. From the first time we met Sergio and tested his guitars, we discovered that his guitars were impregnated with a certain magic, which made them special and unique.


This recent award, confirms the good work of Sergio, but also confirms our first impressions. Their guitars are an example of the best artisan work that is done today in Spain.