Rafal Turkowiak


Rafal Turkowiak was born on 9 January 1966 in Poland. He graduated from a primary musical school having successfully completed a 3-year-course in less than half a year in classical guitar. His skills enabled him to win a number of prestigious competitions and he has been hailed the Polish Paul McCartney.


His passion and a background in carpentry (his father was a carpenter) soon led his steps and inspired by dismantling of an old guitar Rafal made his first classical instrument in 1983.

Years of experience and experiments have resulted in a series of innovative solutions placing Rafal amongst the best instrument makers in the world. His most notable ideas are the ‘WAVE’ type resonator, Acoustic Tubes located inside the guitar neck and armrests integrated with the guitar body. Rafal is also known for his first in the world back & sides made of solid tonewood in high-tech press technology.


We are proud to represent Rafal guitars and we advise our clients that they can try it now, because I'm sure that in a very short time, it will be very difficult to get his guitars.