Top     German spruce
Back and sides     Indian rosewood
Varnish     French polish
Scale     655 mm
Nut width     52 mm


Flamenco Guitar Jesus Bellido "Alma Aurea" Negra 2024
Model inspired by the golden ratio, a concept that enhances the harmony of objects, design and architecture. Also called the gold number, golden measure or divine proportion. That measure is represented by the Greek letter Phi = 1.618034 in honor of the Greek sculptor Fidias. Phi number has many interesting and at the same time exciting properties, it was discovered in ancient times in search of the concept of divine proportion.
We don't know what exact influence the Golden Measure has on this guitar, but of course the sound result is remarkable.
It is a very comfortable guitar to play with a genuinely flamenco sound, with great response and an exciting "hondura" (depth).
Jesús Bellido already had us accustomed to a very high sound quality, but with this new model it has been overcome.
We are facing a remarkable first level flamenco concert guitar, the real ones. Few luthiers are able to do this artisan work of such high level and quality.