Paulino Bernabe COLECCION N7 - Spruce & Madagascar - 2023

Top     German spruce
Neck     Cedar
Back and sides     Madagascar rosewood - double side
Varnish     French polish
Scale     650 mm
Nut width     52 mm

Paulino Bernabe COLECCION N7 spruce & Madagascar

This guitar belongs to the category "COLLECCION" by Paulino Bernabe.

COLLECCION guitars are guitars with the best woods from the Bernabe wood stock, and in which Paulino carries out some innovations that result in exceptional guitars and that he specifically selects for this Exclusive Edition called COLLECCION.

Specifically, this guitar is the No. 7 of this Exclusive Edition, and it is made of an exceptional quality and antique German spruce top and Magascar rosewood of exuberant beauty for back and sides.

The inside of the sides has been varnished with a gold varnish specifically formulated by Bernabe, which increases sound reflection, increasing significantly the power and projection of the guitar, and offering a very clear, clean sound.

This guitar offers a sound of extraordinary quality, with great projection, exceptional richness of harmonics and endless sustain.

The excellent Madagascar rosewood provides depth to the basses, with emotion and sensitivity, also adding an extra resonance that makes the sound seem to flow in a multidimensional way.

A unique guitar that is very difficult to beat for sound, performance and beauty.