Top     Canadian cedar
Back and sides     Madagascar rosewood - double side
Varnish     French polish
Fingerboard     Ebony
Scale     650 mm
Nut width     52 mm


Maybe one of the best guitars in the world, and by sound, depth and color, probably the best. To describe the beauty of its sound, its finish and its wood, we always lack words.

Specifically, this guitar is made of very exclusive Madagascar Rosewood for back and sides, the best Madagascar rosewood from the Paulino Bernabe wood cellar. This wood could have an antiquity of more than 60 years.

The effect in modulating the sound is amazing, we have never heard a guitar like this.
It is pure magic, this guitar is a reference of the Spanish guitar, and in the future will be one of the most sought after and desired pieces.

Its sound is magical, captivating, sublime, pure poetry. No other guitar that compares.

A unique and exceptional opportunity.