News: CD J.S. Bach, complete Lute works

News published on 22/12/2015

J.S. Bach, complete Lute works

Undoubtedly one of the most desired and expected works.


The first recording that made Gabriel Estarellas of the complete works of JS Bach in 2011 were sold out in months. The rigor in the transcriptions of these works, as well as the richness and delicacy in the interpretation automatically made that CD was considered a reference of Bach works for guitar.


After meditating and analyzing how to improve what was already an impeccable job, Gabriel Estarellas presents this second recording, where the purity of sound and interpretation, carries the Bach works transcribed for guitar to a new stadium.


This is a masterful work, a CD that reflects as never before the true universe of Bach, all his full creative power expressed by thrilling skill by Gabriel Estarellas, with a brilliance and cleaning never ever seen.


Simply magnificent and inspiring!

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