Guitar Transducer BELCAT GT-5 PIEZO

News published on 30/12/2017

Guitar Transducer BELCAT GT-5 PIEZO


The main disadvantage when amplifying a Spanish or acoustic guitar is it usually requires to make a hole on the guitar, for accommodating the amplification system.


Other pickups do not require such a hole, they are mounted on the bridge, which also means you have to remove or loosen the strings for installation and again the same job for removal.


The amplification pickup Belcat avoids all these problems because it sticks very easily on the top of the guitar, instantly providing high sound quality and even lets you control the volume through the command on the pickup.


If you are looking for an amplification system, easy to set, without works, and of proven quality, no need to think more about it, here you have it and only for 27 €!