News published on 31/12/2017


Tremolo mute for guitar, zero fret, lubricant for tuning gears, new string-tie, fret polishing kit ...


New range of accessories for your guitar and for your daily training


Tremolo Mute

Tremolo Mute Bridge Dampening System allows player to hear how nails and fingertips strike the strings. It also allows you to play guitar silently without disturbing anyone around.


Reduces string movement and creates more resistance to help develop a smoother approach.

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Fret Polishing Kit

Special Non-Aggressive High Performance Polishing System


The Fret Polishing kit features a simple and efficient system to quickly polish your guitar frets. Just lay the Fret Board Guard over the fret, and use the Polishing Cloth to quickly dress the fret.
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KeyTone Line Guitar Lubricant

KeyTone Line Guitar Lubricant provides a superior treatment for a guitar’s friction issues. Excellent for Tuning Machines, nut slots and saddles surfaces.


A small amount goes a long way, providing a very clean way to accurately conditioning.

Specially formulated for guitars.

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Zero Fret System For Classical Guitar

The kit includes one specially designed bone nut that shares the nut slot with a fret. Once you sand the nut to fit your slot, you can test various fret sizes to get the perfect action on your classical guitar.

This whole process will take you less than one hour.

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String-Tie Diamond Beads

Diamond Beads is the original designer of the 3 Hole Bridge Bead system. It was introduced in 2008 with the goal of providing a functional alternative for conventional string tying to the classical guitar bridge.

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String-Tie Diamond Tieblock

New generation guitar string tying system for classical and nylon string folk guitars. Diamond Secure String Ties provide an advanced securing design while providing a low profile that many traditional guitarists prefer.

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Fret Marker Dots

Premium Fret Marker Dots are manufactured with a durable material known as Dry Transfer Chromatec. The dots are applied by a burnishing method, similar to a rub on decal. The color dry transfer contains no sticky adhesives and attaches to the guitar neck with a low profile.

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