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Cinzia Milani - Guitar Concert

Cinzia Milani

Cinzia Milani began studying classical guitar at a very young age and after private
studies, graduated from the Conservatorio ‘A Boito’ in Parma at the age of 18.

She has studied with many teachers and developed her guitar technique with the
distinguished guitar master Mauro Storti, subsequently going on to study
interpretative analysis with the Argentinian composer Oscar Roberto Casares.

When Cinzia Milani was only 5 years old she won the international competition of
Milan. Also, at the age of 7 she was awarded the ‘Ambrogino d’oro’ by the
Municipality of Milan for her extraordinary and precocious musical ability and at the
age of 10 she won the ‘Trofeo Beniamino Gigli’ in Recanati, was marked 100/100

In 1991 in Parma, Cinzia Milani was awarded the ‘Premio F. Margola’ for best
execution and interpretation.

By the age of 12, she began her concert career in Italy and went on to perform all
over the world: United Kingdom, France, Spain, The United States, Canada, Mexico,
South Africa, Indonesia, South America.

By the age of 14 Cinzia Milani had already won sixteen first prize in International
and National Competitions.

Cinzia Milani caught the attention of British and American press, which defined her
as ‘a rare combination of beauty, grace, natural elegance…’ and as having ‘a deep
sense of music with a brilliant technique and a powerful sound and expression,
considered among the best exponents of the concert artists in the world….’

Cinzia Milani has already amassed an impressive discography: in addition to
recording for Rai Radio 2 and Antenna 3, in 1994 she has collaborated with composer
A. Prandi to catalogue previously unpublished music for the guitar. Meanwhile,
tracks from her CD ‘Ritratto di Donna’, recorded for the Jump Musical Edition label,
have been broadcast on RAI in Italy as well as on French, German and Japanese
national television stations and films.

Program: From Italy to…
John Duarte: Idylle pour Ida
Ida Presti: Danse Rhytmique
Teresa De Rogatis: Balletto
Marco Betta: Preludio per Cinzia Milani
Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Tarantella op.87a
Mauro Giuliani: Grande Ouverture
Ramirez A.: Mujeras Argentinas
(Rosarita Vera maestra, Juana Azurduy, Dorotea la cautiva, Alfonsina y el mar)
Piazzolla A: Jacinto Chiclana, Verano Porteño
Jirmal J: Baden Jazz Suit

Start:              20:30h
Address:        Guitarras de Luthier
Price:             10 €