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Guitar Concert - Javier García Verdugo

Guitar Concert 

Javier García Verdugo


Born in Madrid in 1993, Javier has received lessons from great guitar masters, including Leo Brouwer, David Russell, Hopkinson Smith, Carles Trepat, Roberto Aussel, Eduardo Fernández, Zoran Dukic, Carlo Marchione, Roland Dyens and José Miguel Moreno. In 2015 he completed his higher studies in musical performance at the Royal Conservatory of Music of Madrid, together with professors Gerardo Arriaga and Tomás Campos, obtaining the extraordinary end-of-degree prize. In 2014 he resided for a few months in Weimar, Germany, to study at the Hochschule für Musik Franz Liszt with Ricardo Gallén. In 2015 he moved to Salzburg, Austria, where he studied the Master of Musical Performance at the Universität Mozarteum in the Eliot Fisk chair, obtaining the highest grades.

Javier has been awarded in more than a dozen international competitions, including: Musical Youth Award of Spain (2014), First Prize in the Gredos International Guitar Competition in San Diego (2014), First Prize in the International Guitar Competition of Havana (2018) and “Leo Brouwer” Prize at the “Andrés Segovia” International Competition (2020).

His discography has 4 titles: “DESIDERATUM” (2015), “Impressions” (2017), “Primo Tempo” (2020) and “Invocation and dance” (2021). He has also made numerous recordings for radio and television.

His performances cover a large part of Spain, Europe, Russia (Moscow), the USA (Washington DC, New Orleans, Los Angeles and Malibu) and Cuba (Havana). As an orchestra soloist he has performed with conductors such as Albert Gonzálvez Cardós, Antonio Navarro Borsi and Mariano Domingo. In addition, he has acted alongside the OSCyL under the direction of Eliahu Inbal. In the chamber music aspect, Javier plays regularly in chamber groups, among which the duo Primo Tempo stands out with the clarinetist Carlos Orobón, the duo with the baritone Javier Recio and the duo alongside soprano Natalia Labourdette.

Javier plays with a guitar built by Paulino Bernabé, uses strings from Knobloch Strings and is sponsored by Knobloch strings and Spanish Guitar Foundation.


- Canción al reencuentro - Javier García Verdugo
- Soleá y Guajira a mi abuela - Javier García Verdugo
- Impresiones de la Habana - Álvaro Muñoz
- Sonata n.17 K.570 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

- Suite del deseo - Javier García Verdugo
  Pensando en ti

- Scene "El amor brujo" - Manuel de Falla
- Invocación y danza - Joaquín Rodrigo
- Capricho árabe - Francisco Tárrega
- Recuerdos de la Alhambra - Francisco Tárrega 

Start:            20:30h
Address:       Guitarras de Luthier
Price:            10 €